The Funeral

Family of slain man pays respects in the Buddhist tradition 'Sophear did not deserve this'
By Adam Foxman

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sophear Riem's relatives and friends are gathering this week at Conrad-Carroll Mortuary in Oxnard to remember him and pay their respects according to the Buddhist traditions his parents brought with them from their native Cambodia. During the ceremony, the smell of incense filled the air. Monks in orange robes chanted in their native language and prayed over Sophear Riem's body to allow his soul to rest peacefully. Buddhist mourners responded by praying that no one else will have to suffer a tragedy like theirs, said Sontheavy Riem, Sophear Riem's mother.

Sophear Riem‘s Family & Friends Guess Book 11-06-07
1) To my best friend always, I'll never forget you. You were a best friend to everyone you knew. You always made everyone smile whenever you just said hi. I'll see u soon and we can laugh and have fun for eternity just like we did here on earth.

One of your many best friends,

2) I can’t believe this had happened to you. it was just yesterday that we were in junior high back in 6th grade at E.O. GREEN where we were on the play ground and you were climbing up those stair to the slide and we were making fun of you because of your "full moon" and you just laugh at us. You were a great friend and a great person. You don't deserve anything like this. I'll miss you Sophear. I'll see you soon.

Brian Herrera

3) One of so many friends u had, Terry
when I heard the news that we lost u my heart stopped beating.....I couldn’t believe it...and to this day I still cant believe it...u were more then a friend to me...u were my brother....I knew I can always count on u to make me laugh no matter what that the situation....

I will never forget u Sophear...almost every single memory I can think of from high school involves you some how......I am a better person for knowing u and you will always have a place in my a cold one for me upstairs....i love you man.

4) Your Brother at Heart, Luis Zavala

Earth feels the sorrow of a world without you. Rest in Peace my friend.

5) One of the lamest people you'll ever come across, DeeDee
I still cannot fathom the fact that you're gone. From the moment i found out on that awful Sunday morning, I have not been the same person inside or out. i love you very much, Sophear. I will never stop loving or caring about you. You were ALWAYS a very special person to me and I don't think that you ever really knew that. Watch over us, Sophear and give us all strength to get through your passing. [bLaCk_hAnD]-sUsHi forever. "I know I'll see you again..."

I love you with all my heart,
Deanna Romero <3

6) ur Cuz Lakana
Sophear, I remember the last time I talked to you was when you called me on my birthday, I will never forget your voice. We all miss you. Watch over your family. They love you very much.

7) Hello Sopheek and family,

As I listened to the news and read the paper I realize I recognized the last name. Hi Sopheak...Do you remember me? It is Mrs. H! I am so sorry :( for you and your family. I went to the online blog. Your brother was very handsome and he looked so happy. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I do not pretend to know how you feel. Only God can fill the void--I lost my brother-in-law a few years ago. It is only with prayer and God's help and strength that we have been able to walk this journey. May He cover you with His presence and his comfort at this time?
Love, Mrs. Gerri Hickenbottom:)

8) Mrs. LaRue—Sunkist
Sopheak--I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. I remember both of you as such happy, enthusiastic children. I remember your parents as such loving and devoted parents. I also remember the wonderful food that your mother brought me. I pray that you and your family will find comfort in the support of family and friends.

9) Groupie, Melissa and Marissa Hey Sushi
We will never forget you and your smile.
We wish you were still here with us partying it up like always.
We love you with all are hearts.
See you again someday

10) Childhood friend<3
Ii still can't believe your gone. when I found out you had passed away it was unreal :[ i mean you don't ever think one of your own friends will pass i mean 2 yrs out of high school and our life’s are just beginning and it's so sad that you're no longer with us..I mean it seems just like yesterday we'd be playing at Sunkist on the play ground. May you rest in peace Sophear..<333 & please look over us...
Love you bunches...xoxox
p.s. you always were happy & all never forget you always w/sunglasses;]

11) Christina Frescas (Salazar)
I knew Sopheak from high school. My deepest condolences to you Sopheak and your family. Our prayers to you all in this time of sorrow. You were always beautiful inside and out Sopheak which tells me that your brother was just the same...a caring and wonderful person. Again my condolences and prayers to you.

12) Your cousin, NINjA
Twat it do baby boo!! Today is the last day for your viewing. Were gonna do it big dog style for you san. Know that you’re loved and missed.

13) Dian Boral Sopheak,
... my sincere condolences on the recent passing of your brother Sophear. My family also sends their thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Love Always,
Diane, Baby Matthew & Baby Robert


15) virginia manilla (lopez)
Dearest Sopheek,
My condolence to you and your family, you are in my prayers. When I first realize he was your brother I was sadden to know about it because he had been at my house once for a party we had not knowing he was your brother. What a small world! May he rest in peace and god be with you and your family.

16) yOuR fRiEND, tIfFINY
DearEst SoPheAR,
I KnOw We WiLl See eACh OthEr aGAin. Even tHOugh We DIdnt KnoW eAch OtHEr rEallY wEll Like i wiSHed We DId, But WHen I DId Get TO sEe you YOu ALways KnEw hOW TO mAKe mE smILE! ThaNks fOR aLWayS COminG tO mY ParTiEs thAt i hAD! iT WoulDnt Of Been THe Same WiThout yoU and I knoW FRank AppREcIiaTes you BeIng thERe AS wELL! i WIsh THis DIdnT haVe to Happen To Were a GreAt pERson, InsIde and Out!! :) See YOu SOon!

**Tiffiny S**

17) Secret crush
Sophear you are a great guy and I'll deeply miss you even though I didn't know you all that great like most of your friends I'll still miss you and have a place for you in my heart. I'll miss your smile and your laugh since
The day i found out i couldn't stop crying its been so hard trying not to cry now that you are not here but I know I'll see you again and when I do see you again besides in my dreams we'll hang out and just have fun like the rock star that you are. You are a wonderful guy and respectful you weren't like most guys that i know and thats why i have had my crush on you for so long and now i wish i acted on it and had the courage to tell you. Sophear I love you and I'll miss you always and to the Riem family and really close friends my condolences and you'll be in my prayer.

18) Sandy Montes-Cerna
Riem Family,

My deepest condolences on the death of your son. I did not know your son, but I did have one taken through homicide and understand your pain. I did see the memorial picutre movie and through that alone, I can see what a fine young man Sophear was and how very proud you must be of him. My prayers are with you the parents, your daughter and family. May you find strength in faith during this very difficult time?

19) By one of your Friends
Hey Sopfear....
Wow.... I can't believe it still! Not one day has passes by that I don't think of you...
I don't even know what to write.... When I see you, you look so serious, then... you laugh and smile! Well I guess God missed you 2 much and wanted you back well My Dad and Dee's will take care of you if you need anything....

20) My only one for my life it is you SON.

Dear my Baby SOPHEAR

The day pass by my life left completely of not things in this world. The earthy is so cruel then the heaven watching you for me & you say no good by to MOM it is no dimension or word to write in my heart. When you came to this world for my best to you is loving, caring, sharing many things the best from Mom it is the giving & support ever stop Mom will miss you every moment of my life day and night you a part of Mom as always, no one can not hear mom but you the only one. Any time I am in pain you whispering to me and comfort my pain with your heaven voice Mom! Mom! I'm here in your heart and Soul as always only I aways.....! God want me back also need me back then God need to see you! Mom how do you leaving after God have me back in his hand. So Mom you must be strong as always.

May God will pull the strength to some one in this community to find the person that use violent to cost murder innocent people like my Baby. No need to be violent we are need to bring peace to our community.

Your Only Mom
Sontheavy HulRiem

21) Your big sis!
To my perfect sweet little brother, also known as my heart! I haven't had the stregnth to write you a message until today, but I know you know that I have been missing you like crazy every single moment since you've been gone! You were ripped away from all of us too soon! I hope that you know that with every breath I take, I take for you too. I can’t believe you are not here, and I can’t see your handsome face or give you a hug. My life and my heart will never be the same, you were my baby brother and no one will ever know the bond and connection that we share! I know that you are up there taking care of us all but please make sure mom and dad are okay, keep them strong and healthy, watch over them so they don't have to work so hard all of the time. Always know that you are the most special, and perfect angel, I wish you were here with me and all of our friends but I know your keeping yourself busy to keep everyone out of trouble! Thank you for blessing my life and for allowing me to know the best brother and friend that anyone could ever wish to know. I will love you till the end of time!

You’re forever in my heart and soul!
Your big sister, Sopheak Riem.

22) Saren and Sontheavy sopheak , From Teri Nosco former employee sent Empathy Card

Caring thoughts are with your and your family at this sad time.

I was so sad to hear about your loss of Sophear, I know he was a good young man as he had great parents for an example.

Your loss has touched many hearts.

May peace be with you?

Teri Nosco and family

23) Sophear Riem
Twenty years of life in this world of decay Twenty years of time that you've live on our block within a fraction of a second you faded away Went back to the light, went straight back to GOd

The times we knew you, the times we've all had you brought us all peace, a message in life with smiles and laughter you made us all glad left us with memories, that will forever survive

We remember the time that you started to play Rocked like an angel and Jammed like a star Your Chords shook our neighborhood street a bass in you hand, a man on his feet

Day after day we've watched as you've grown Remember the times when you were locked out of your house Watched till your head reached up to the fence in our yard You were our family, our friend now afar

Far beyond the stars in the sky
Lies a great mystery at hand
Our grains of time keep falling from the hourglass sands

This is our tribute to you our dear friend your life will live on in our hearts and our minds
Our love for you will stay true till the end Forever and ever till the day the we die

Sophear "phear Riem", our spiritual friend A youthful spirit, stayed true till end
A man with a vision, a man full of grace that lived like a rock star, and died like a Saint

Dearly departed bother
Manuel Zavala

24) Friend, Annamarie

I can not forget your beautiful, contagious smile. Always laughing, and loving life. You could always make laugh. I remember when I was having a huge problem, and your advice was for me to do what my heart desires and not what anyone says. You were so honest, and the best of a friend anyone could ever ask for. I love you friend, and I will see you soon.

25) Lizzy

Hey Sophear, your birthday is coming up! The big 21!
I miss you so much. I think about you all the time and how much you didnt deserve this. I'm sorry that I fell away from the crowd. I miss you. Your old friend, Lizzy.